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The best face.

#your face sir

The best face.

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So, apparently I have a friend who actually and honestly subscribes to the maxim “Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one!”

She’s morally against homosexuality (as a Christian), but in favour of the legalisation of gay marriage because people should be able to do what they want and that’s just her personal morals.



I honestly don’t know how to feel about this? It -

On the one hand, it’s completely absurd and narrow and close-minded because really? Really? Anyone ~morally against homosexuality~ is just plain - eugh; and also what’s your stance on other sexual identities? Gender? I don’t - that is just awfully stupid.

But then, on the other hand…

I mean, that’s remarkably tolerant.

I -

I don’t know how to feel anymore.


The thing about ‘Icarus Removals’

I’m not sure it’s so badly named. Douglas boggles that Martin named his company after “the first failed pilot” - but Icarus wasn’t just a failed pilot. He wasn’t the most intelligent of men or anything - it was his father, after all, who made the wings - but he was a pilot. (Of sorts.) And his sin was not bad flying, per se - just over-enthusiasm.

Martin didn’t name his company after the first failed pilot; he named it after the first pilot who enjoyed it.