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started listening to mountain goats songs, accidentally ended up listening to woke up new, and suddenly it’s 2012 and i’m having post-reichenbach sherlock feels again oh god


If you’ve been wondering why Australians are so mad..


Here’s a list of all the fucked up shit the current government’s done in the 256 days since the most disgusting excuse for a PM was elected.

Featuring these beauties:

  • Removed anti-sweatshop laws and cut all funding to Ethical Clothing Australia.
  • Confiscated medication from asylum seeker detainees.
  • Stopped collecting data on gender equality in the workplace.
  • Authorised the Navy to fire over the bows of asylum seeker boats.
  • Cut funding for the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, a body of elected representatives of the indigenous people.
  • Described wind farms as “urterly offensive” and “a blight on the landscape”.
  • Deregulated university fees, thereby allowing Universities to charge what they want. 
  • Justified the logging of forests currently on the world heritage list because Christianity supposedly tells us “the environment is meant for man”.
  • Tried to exempt loggers in Tasmania’s World Heritage forests from the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, so they won’t have to worry about killing threatened species.
  • Slashed $1.1 million used to fight against animal abuse.
  • Made $110 million of broad-sweeping cuts to the Arts.
  • Cut $111 million from the CSIRO.
  • Set aside $245 million for religious chaplains in schools. Secular schools do not have the option of hiring a secular equivalent.
  • Spent $20 million on an international campaign to discourage people from fleeing war crimes, genocide and other persecution.
  • Broke international laws by arbitrarily imprisoning children.
  • Ignored an order from the United Nations Human Rights Committee to release some asylum seekers who are being illegally held without proof or judicial protection.

Follow the link to view individual source articles.

I feel sick.

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i am coming to the realisation that i have a thing for dudes in queerplatonic/romantic relationships while one of them is in a heterosexual relationship (and has a kid)

it’s my mary/john/sherlock dream and it’s coming true with esposito/ryan/jenny before my very eyes

did you… enjoy it?

[opens mouth]

[raises finger]

[whimpers a little bit]

[crumples to the floor]

[sobs and curls into a ball]


oh gods and muses help me i wrote a gladiator scene hELP




John Watson - Social behavior radar extraordinaire.

Maybe not the smiling…

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bring back, bring back, bring back the champions to me. bring back, bring back, bring back the arsenal to me.

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Oh my God. Someone should really point out to them what happened to Robespierre in the end…