aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they cut the ‘heart of hearts’ speech


your accent, your interpretation, eee! I love them both!

"with good accent and good discretion", even? uvu

thank yooouuuuuuuuu

I’m so proud of you and so excited for the Sydney visit in August



oh my god he’s wearing the funeral shoes, when sherlock escapes from hospital and when “who would he bother protecting” and “why does sherlock think i’ll be moving back in” and consequently it must be with the mary reveal, abort fucking mission he is wearing the funeral shoes

OH GOD HE WAS, S2 buff!Sherlock I can forgive because he was doing all the ST stuff but I don’t know what they did with his face in S3 but they went overboard with the bronzer. I want too want the lanky skinny pale look back *sob*

he was so gorgeous and then he buffed up and now it’s just “”“”“”manly”“”“” and I don’t like it at all

I mean, his face is still his face, with the cheekbones and the eyes and the mouth, and that’s all lovely and intriguing, but

w h y


[emits a deep sigh of relief]

It’s over. We’re stopping now. I’m sorry to everyone involved, however tangentially, but especially to synteis, and to the friends who’ve fruitlessly tried to get me to let it go all day, and who are probably very annoyed with me.


emmadelosnardos said: Great essay on queerbaiting in Sherlock! You really did your research, and it was fascinating to see everything laid out so clearly. Those guys (Moffat/Gatiss) are terrible! Horrendous! Way to call them out! Emma

Wow, thank you! As a student of history, research and referencing are very important to me, but it wasn’t that hard. I remembered plenty of awful quotes from interviews and stuff, and resources like stfu-moffat and yourfaveisproblematic made finding links and articles a lot easier.

I think it’s a little simplistic to reduce it so “so-and-so is awful”, but I do also kind of agree. They’re probably not terrible people, not at all; but Moffat especially, repeatedly and without self-analysis, both writes into his shows and says explicitly extremely problematic narratives/characters/attitudes, and his refusal to accept criticism about these things is nothing short of childish. I care so much about this show and these characters, and I want them to be good, and productive, and interesting without offensively adhering to Moffat’s (incredibly restricted and privileged) worldview. I shudder at generalisations, but when these problems are laid out — like in my essay, and in numerous other posts around tumblr — it gets incredibly hard to harbour any sympathy for someone who so consistently and outrageously fucks up like that.

So I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are inherently terrible; but with Moffat, it’s hit the point where the barrage of offensive ignorance the spews from his mouth and pen are so outrageous that I’ve lost any obligation to be objective. The people who know him may defend him all they like (looking at Cumberbatch and Smith presenting that BAFTA), but the fact of the matter is that he’s offensive, egotistic, and ignorant. He may not be a bad person per se, but god damn is he a bad writer.

They’re basically the same thing here- school that you pay to go to after high school to get a degree. IT’S SO HARD FOR ME TO REMEMBER THAT’S NOT HOW IT IS EVERYWHERE.


muahahaha i see what u mean :D more Freudian shit about Oedipus fucking his mum and hence forth ——

yeah u see my problem


I’d probably use it anyway, but the fic will be read by a modern, and not-necessarily-knowledgable-about-ancient-mores, audience, so I just want to avoid the problematics there


okay, now i’m wondering to what extent the use of rossini’s thieving magpie in TRF was an allusion to clockwork orange ?? :||