first off, the performance went pretty well!!!!! not the best they’ve done, but definitely still very very good, except for an occasionally-awful audience (WHAT IN SWEET HEAVEN WAS FUNNY ABOUT POLONIUS’ DEATH???????)

and we filmed it too!!! travis had brought along a little handheld thing just intending to have filmed the soliloquies and the last scene or so, but it turned out we could plug it in from where we sat, so the battery lasted and we filmed the whole thing!!! ovo it’s just me and jess (one of the ADs) in the back row passing the thing back and forth when our arms got tired, but there you go. dunno how/when/if we’ll go about getting it up online, but hopefully that’ll happen at some point!!!! for all u poor dears who didn’t get to see it unu (also for sweet sweet posterity).

then it was a huge rush trying to pack up all the props and costumes and get the set down to bump out, and everyone was so keyed up (i got a photo of the props table during interval but then my phone died and it disappeared!!!!!!! i’m super super upset about that unu). we’d all bought alcohol of some description bc house party at tess’s heck yeah, so then we all packed on buses/in taxis and made it to hers at about 11:30/midnight or so, and proceeded to drink heavily and shout a lot and eat very little and have generally a lot of fun (I WAS VERY EMOTIONAL, I STILL AM)

ryan had a few bunches of flowers for crewmembers (and a whole scattering of cast members had flowers from who knows where), and i got one, and it was very sweet (especially since there was a packet of pods attached I AM THE BEARER OF THE PODS it practically became the show’s official food)

anyway, saying bye to everyone throughout the night was very, very, very emotional, i was a happy and tipsy and fond fond wreck uvu

and max and tess (dunno if it was just their idea or if the rest of the cast was involved) gave ryan/nathanial a frickin thing of crystal skull vodka (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and then they. gave me. a bunch of daisies………………………………………………………………… and i just about died, i kept just saying throughout the night “they got me daisies……….” bc i am a v emotional person and they did it bc i helped tess with flower meanings for 4.5 and max (fuck it, everyone) knows horatio’s my favourite character, and it was to horatio that tess delivered “there’s a daisy. I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died”, and i. i’m. i’m such an emotion………………..

anyway, and also there was a card with little messages from some of the cast members, and while there miles and kyron one of the stage managers (uvu) added messages and i’m so so emotional about everything oh god, i love them all

(max spent a long time making out with lizzie in the kitchen, everyone was being jokey about it and stuff and it was kinda cute/funny but also quietly a little painful unu) (i didn’t expect it to hurt quite so much when it inevitably happened, but there u go)

anyway, the last of us finally packed up and left around 2/3 in the morning (the last train for me and also will (and miles, but jacinta let him crash on her couch) was 1.45, alas, the next was 4.45), and me and will and nathanial and travis and luke walked through newtown in the rain and got food, and eventually nathaniel peeled off and i. we hugged a few times as he left, and just. along the way. he’s an interesting guy, and can be v angry and stressful and normative, but whatever, just in those moments, we were just. so proud. “we did good. we did so good. it was amazing, I’m so proud…” and i liked him in those moments, happy and kind. it was good.

anyway, through newtown in the rain, me/trav/will/luke were gonna just take our wine and vodka and drink in the quad, but we got to uni right by the 24hr carslaw building, and i was like “shit i rlly need to pee” and when we went in suddenly we realised how very nice and warm and dry it was so we just. stayed there…….. from like, 3.30 to 6/6.30 (TILL DAWN, ESSENTIALLY), just chatting and being silly and drunk and tired, before we set off in the rain again to get coffee/food in glebe

we settled down in badde manors and got breakfast and chatted for a long while and warmed up and dried off

i realised i now had my trench coat back (it was part of the ghost’s costume), so got to wear that over the top of everything else (IT WAS SO SO SO COLD, it started raining yesterday evening and hasn’t stopped, wow, such winter, very weather)

we had a lovely little time and eventually headed off around 8.30 or so and i eventually got on a train and nearly fell asleep three times and missed the first bus home so got a lift

they got me daisies