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Oh. Um…



(I mean, I’ve heard bad things about the American education system, but - I - Really? Wow.)

I feel your pain. I just want to know everything, is that too much to ask?! DD8

Yeah, that tends to be something of a recurring theme with most things Australian… I blame our horrible climates. They instill a certain kind of outlook on things. (Drought! Flood! Bushfire! Cyclone! You can’t live anywhere without having your life in some danger or other. The only things we don’t have are earthquakes and tornados, but I don’t wanna tempt fate there… *touches every piece of wood within a twelve kilometre radius*)

asfjkdd I’m glad you didn’t think it was horrible, now if only I could get someone to pay me for this, I could be a millionaire 8DD

2005. I think. *Wikipedia* Yup, 2005. So I’d’ve been about… twelve/thirteen? I don’t remember being particularly aware of much of it - it was something bad happening that didn’t involve me. But I remember people talking about it, especially in geography class over the next few years, and that was more where I actually learnt what they were about…

As a general rule, wallabies are smaller, but I can’t tell which is which if they’re not next to each other. (Also I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of biologists or whatever who’d like to contest that over-simplification…)
But yeah, there isn’t much in the way of large wildlife in the 'burbs, as the kids call them. (what did I just type oh my god what) My experience of kangaroos has all been in the mountains and at wildlife parks, so… :\ (I was about to say that I don’t know if species of roo even live in the outback, but then I remembered rock wallabies and - yeah, there probably are.)
Okay, I think I figured it out. You guys have deer and squirrels - we have roos and possums. God dammit possums. STOP GOING SO CLOSE TO THE ROAD, IT SADDENS ME EVERY TIME I SEE ONE OF YOU ENDING UP AS ROADKILL. DD8 But they’re adorable elsewhere. I remember a few months ago I was walking home late at night and as I walked past a telegraph pole this possum was halfway down it when it caught sight of me and we ended up both freezing and freaking each other out. It was amusing.

Why is “of a morning” so strange? Is it a me thing, or is it just not something you crazy yanks use?

Well, they’re pretty short - only about the heigh of the average bumper, really; and they usually waddle along at a slow enough pace that, if you’re driving at any reasonable speed along dark, lonely, twisty country roads, you could easily catch sight of them too late. (Once when we were down in Kangaroo Valley when I was little, me, dad and my sister went out in the car at night with the express intention of driving really slowly and catching sight of some wombats. It was successful. And adorable. *all the squees for my native wildlife*)
To be honest, though, people hit kangaroos plenty enough as well. It’s less to do with size and more to do with winding roads and sudden wildlife appearances.





Cane toad babies without cane toads parents is good. It means they’re less likely to survive. Even though they’re pretty much certain to survive anyway because they’re hardy fuckers. *all the raeg*
*sigh* Yeah, sorry. Normally I’m not this blind about animal cruelty, but - just - cane toads. Hatred for them has been pretty much instilled in me since birth. And I realise it’s not their fault, but - just - they’re not going away oh god someone just drop a nuclear bomb on north-western Australia so they go awaaayyy, I don’t want to turn into a slave in Cane-Toadalia DD8

Yeah, humans can be pretty stupid. *sigh*