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asdfkjslfadf I know I must have seen the Disney Robin Hood at some point in my youth, because I remember little bits of it, but I haven’t seen it in anything nearing the last decade or more, so I don’t remember much except that it was awesome but I don’t remember a jailbreak scene a;fjsldfa why is my memory such a cruel bitch.
(Sig, you are all the best kind of nerds, I swear. Shakespeare, classical music, Holmes, Disney… asdkfjasdf)

I WOULD BE OKAY WITH TALKING ABOUT THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE I only watched it really recently, like a few months ago or something, but I remember the ad for it is on my Aladdin video, and since Aladdin is my favourite movie of anything ever, that ad is just ingrained into my childhood, and then I got into Holmes, and then I finally watched it and it totally delivered afjkasdf I love that movie.


GOD DAMMIT WOMAN YOU CAN’T BRING HAMLET INTO THIS, YOU CAN’T, THAT’S JUST TOO PERFECT, also that just makes the decision harder, because either you don’t tell me anything and hence put your honour at risk, or you tell me and everyone dies.
But actually, seriously, I would be okay with knowing a few highlights if you wanna tell me, that’d be pretty cool, I mean, I can’t subsist on nothing you know. D8

God dammit Sig, now I can’t tell whether I want to read Progress or not, because on the one hand, painful and so freaking long, but on the other hand, best-written fic in the fandom omg must ingest Sig what have you done to me. (Let’s be honest, I probably won’t end up reading it because it’s just too long. *queen of sloth*)

I WOULD BE SCREAMING AT HOW AWESOME THAT ALL IS BUT I’M IN THE LIBRARY SO I REALLY SHOULDN’T BUT AFJKAFJKAFFJLSADF I love you so much that is incredible alkjfasdkfjsdfa WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME oh god that is just all wonderful and asdkfja you brilliant little genius you *dead from awe*

I have nothing to add except rampant agreement that is incredible also your classical music nerdery is showing and I am really not complaining (oh hey running off to YouTube to listen, god dammit ajkflska) and now I just really want (possibly there’s a ‘to write’ in there, I dunno) fic about what basically is Watson’s equivalent of Holmes’ black moods and asdk;fjasdfjkasdf whyyy would you do that, it’s so depressing but amazing and appropriate and adk;fjfkasf you need to stop being so cool okay, can you do that for just one second *is inadequate*

Okay, yes, no what ifs, good plan DD8

*sigh* Oh, the curse of the fangirl. So many things to write, so little time (and/or emotional resilience).

(Eugh no fuck no no no listening to that Beethoven piece of yours and thinking of Watson and everything you said and just no no no my heart can’t take it whyyy)